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Complex for Maintenance and Development
Make-up of Complexes
Maintenance and development department
Technical documentation release department
Borispol complex branch
Holiday hotel "Pivdenny", city Skadovsk
Moiseev V.  

Chief of Department :
Moiseev Vasily
Phone: +38-044-543-89-77
Mob Phone: +38-050-358-52-74

Bobruyenko A.  

Main Power Supply Engineer:
Bobruyenko Alexander
Maintenance and Development department  
 The department deals with organization of technically perfect, correct and safe operation of engineering networks and power supply systems along with careful supervision on machinery and equipment by performing inspection, testing and measurement.

   The department personnel are guided by decrees, orders, methodical, normative and other regulatory documents on organization of power engineering service.

The main trends of the activity

Taking all possible measures against casualties along with preventive maintenance tests and measurements of power plants as to compliance with Rules and Standards in force.
Routine technical inspection of power plants.
Carrying out technically correct operation and repair of power plants/ devices, instrumentation, tools, weak-current equipment and networks as well as water supply and sewage systems.
Supervision with the purpose to meet requirements for power supply and energy saving, environmental protection.
Support of relations with power supply bodies regarding all problems in supply of natural gas, electrical energy, cold water, so on.
Supervision on technical conditions reliability, preservation and efficient usage of power plants and engineering networks.