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Design complex
Make-up of Complexes
High-rise intallations department
Department for integrated design and reconstruction of the manufacturer-plants
Department for bridges and special structures
Department for spatial structures
Sheet and plate construction department
Nuclear power engineering projects department
Department for examination, diagnostics and reconstruction
Department for complex design and civil engineering work technology
Technical Department
Testing laboratory for technical diagnostics
Cost Estimate Group
Kostyuchenko V.  

Department manager:
Vladimir Kostyuchenko
Phone: +38-044-543-99-05

Chief design

Prischepa P.  

Petro Prischepa
Phone: +38-044-543-99-53

Tischenko N.  

Natalya Tischenko
Phone: +38-044-543-99-05

Department for examination, diagnostics and reconstruction  
The main trends of the activity

Design of metalwork structures for industrial buildings and installations.

Investigation, diagnostics, reconstruction and certification of the existing buildings with the use of modern automated systems to provide design process.
Elaborations of the complex branch
Mast 81 m high in village Yampol of Vinnitsa region Mast 72 m high in village Kryrhopol of Vinnitsa region "The Green Theater" in Park way in Kiev Whole sale and retail trade center in Kiev

During 2000 - 2009 the following projects have been designed

Towers and masts on the ground level and on roof systems of buildings and structures in cities Lvov, Kharkov, Donetsk and Vinnitsa region:
— with application of round steel having diameter within the range from 18 up to 45mm and guges with diameter of cables from 12 mm up to 24 mm for mast-type installations;
— made of roll-formed shaped profiles for tower structures.
Whole sale and retail trade center in Kiev with dimensions in plan 120x72 m with general area at about
10000 sq. m.
Cable-braced roof system of amphitheater and stage at "The Green Theater", located in Park way in Kiev, in the form of guyed net with saddle-shaped configuration, arranged between two inclined double-hinge arches having spans 50 m and 42 m.
Designing and technical condition assessment of aboveground advertising boards and systems installed on the building roofs as well as on the front sides of the buildings and structures.
Investigation and technical condition assessment of buildings and structures; roof system for company "Kiev Palace of Sport", Palace "Ukraine", newspapers publishing shop "Press of Ukraine" and others.
Investigation and technical condition assessment of tower and mast-shaped structures (towers in cities Tbilisi, Yerevan, St-Petersburg, Chernigov, Odessa and so on; masts in cities Volochisk, Novgorod-Seversky, Sarny, Kuznetsovsk and others).