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Representative projects
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Address of the Institute:
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Kiev-02, GSP-660, 0266O,

OJSC "V. Shimanovsky

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Representative projects in Kiev
Industrial buildings and structures
Civil and public-purpose buildings and structures
Large-span buildings and structures
Engineering structures: bridges and flyovers
Television towers, masts and mast-tower systems of communication facilities
Shops of Kiev plant "Leninskaya kuznitsa" (designing).

Company "Orion-Service". Production base, village Kryukovschina Kiev district (general designing).

Industrial and Engineering Company "AGROMAT". Combined storage-shop for construction materials, city Kiev (general designing).

Company "Obolon", Fastov Brewery Bottling and finished products storage shop (metalwork design).

Metalwork of forge shop building of Kiev plant "Leninskaya kuznitsa" (inspection and technical conditions assessment).

Covered-in berth of Kiev plant "Leninskaya kuznitsa" (reconstruction).

Aluminium constructions plant in Brovary (designing).

Enterprise "Stroimac-Knauf" at Garmatnaya street (designinng, reconstruction).

Powder metallurgy plant in Brovary (designing).

Experimental and production base of the Institute in Brovary (designing).

Framework of incinerator plant (designing).

Metalwork of concrete mixing shop and galleries of concrete product plant (inspection and technical conditions assessment).

Polygonal guyed roof system of "VUM" plant (designing).

Shops of "Veda" plant (reconstruction).

Complex of facilities at thermal station CT-1 (reconstruction).

Food factory "Rada" in Brovary (designing of metalwork).

"Coca-Cola" plant at Borispol district (designing of metalwork).

Building N 5 JSC "Pharmatsevtika" of "Darnitsa" Company (designing).

Terminal complex at Kiev-Passazhirsky station (designing).

Supermarket "Tam-Tam", city Lutsk (metalwork design).

Commercial complex of building materials "Epicenter", city Kiev (metalwork design).

Commercial and entertainment complex "Terminal", city Brovary Kiev district (metalwork design).

Commercial complex "New Line" village Chabany, Kiev district (metalwork design).

Commercial complex "Alcest", city Kiev (metalwork design).

State Ukrainian television and radio broadcasting building. Central studio complex (metalwork design).

The monument "Motherland" at the Great Patriotic War Museum in Kiev (designing).

Reconstruction of Independence Square:
   — the monument dedicated to declaration of independence of Ukraine (designing of framework);
   — small bridge over Institutskaya street (designing).

Architectural relics of the past XI century "The golden gates" (reconstruction).

The obelisk at Victory Square (designing).

The monument to distinguish a reunification of Ukraine with Russia (designing).

Gold-plated domes of Michailobsky Cathedral (designing).

Central scientific library of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences named after Vernadsky (designing of metalwork).

National Bank of Ukraine (reconstruction).

Cultural Center "Ukrainian House" (designing).

House of Commerce (designing of metalwork).

TV studio complex (designing of metalwork).

Hotel "Kiev" (designing of metalwork).

The palace "Ukraine" (designing of metalwork).

Administrative and laboratory building of E.O. Paton Institute of Electric Welding of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences (designing of metalwork).

National Opera House of Ukraine (reconstruction).

National Philharmonic Society House (reconstruction).

Metalwork of Main bell tower at Kievo-Pechersky Monastery (inspection and technical conditions assessment.

Constitutional Court building (designing of roof system).

State Tax Administration of Ukraine building (reconstruction of roof system).

Public Center at Odessa Square (designing of metalwork).

Wall panels, stained-glass panels, dome of Technical data Institute (designing).

Enclosing constructions and stained-glass panels of new buildings of Kiev National University named after T.G. Shevchenko (designing).

Stained-glass panels of Center of Commerce at Victory Square (designing).

Metalwork of amateur art activities bodies building at T.G.Shevchenko boulevard (designing).

Kiev Town Council building (reconstruction).

Metallic framework of the upper and lower storeys of the Institute "Kievproekt" (designing).

Hotel "Teatralny" framework (designing).

Book depository of Central town library at Pochtovaya square (reconstruction).

Kiev State musical comedy theatre (reconstruction).

Framework made of metal of Foreign languages Institute (designing).

Physical culture Institute (reconstruction).

Framework of "Azhiobank" building (reconstruction).

Framework made of metal for children's playing complex at Mezhigorska street (designing).

Kiev Zoo building (reconstruction).

Lean-to administrative building at Bankovska street (roof system).

Framework made of metal of 28-storey residential building at housing area "Poznyaki" (designing).

Family rest Center at Marshal Malinovsky street (designing of metalwork).

Agricultural and industrial technologies Center "Kievexpoplaza" (designing of metalwork).

Sporting and entertainment complex in Vishnevoye city at Chornovil street (designing).

"Ukrpatent" office building at I. Kudrya street (reconstruction).

Hotel 'Teatralnaya" roof system (designing).

Residential complex at Voloshska street (designing of garret storey).

International Exhibition Center at Brovarsky Avenue (designing of metalwork).

"Dynamo" Stadium named after V. Lobanovsky, city Kiev (designing, reconstruction).

Hangar at Borispol airport (designing).

Covered sporting facility (designing).

Amphitheatre and stage roof system of "Zeleny teatr" at Parkova alley (designing).

Greenhouse complex of Botanical gardens named after Gryshko attached to Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (designing of metalwork).

Greenhouse of tropical plants at University botanical gardens named after Fomin (designing).

Ice palace "Ldinka" of National sporting complex "Olympiysky" (designing of roof system).

Airport "Kiev" building (designing of metalwork).

Participation in design of framework and domed roof system during development of "Bessarabka" block of houses (reconstruction).

Concert and dancing hall "Rovestnik" at Victory park (designing of metalwork).

Auditorium and physical training building of Kiev National University named after T.G. Shevchenko (designing of metalwork).

Roof system of internal site at Supreme Soviet of Ukraine building (design proposals).

The cinema "Zvezdny" in Pechersk district (reconstruction of roof system).

Pavillion "Orlyatnik" at Kiev Zoo (designing).

Translucent roof system of "Eximbank" building (designing).

Swimming pool roof system at Bereznyki (designing).

Domed roof system of neuro-surgery Institute (designing).

Dome of Supreme Soviet of Ukraine building (reconstruction).

Wholesale trade center at Mishuga street of total area 15000 m sq. (designing of metalwork).

Republican Exhibition hall (reconstruction).

Framework made of metal of "The mechanization" Exhibition building at Center of Achievements in National Economy (designing).

Guyed roof system of "Zeleny teatr" at Center of Achievements in National Economy (designing).

Warehouse-terminal "Limex" at "Borispol" Civil International Airport (inspection and technical conditions assessment).

All-welded bridge named after Paton (designing).

Pedestrian bridge across the Park alley near "Dynamo" Stadium in Kiev (reconstruction, metalwork design).

Cable-braced bridge over harbor the Dnieper river (designing).

Park pedestrian bridge over the Dnieper river (designing).

Pedestrian bridge over the Gorenka river in Pustcha-Voditsa (designing).

Pedestrian bridge over the Raduga lake at residential district Serov-Raduzhny (designing).

Pedestrian bridge at highway Kiev-Borispol (designing).

Design works for elimination of defects in metalwork, revealed as a result of inspection of Metro bridge over the Dnieper river.

Design works for elimination of defects in metalwork, revealed as a result of inspection of bridges over the Desenka river.

Pedestrian bridge over the 11-th line at sanatorium Pustcha-Voditsa (designing).

Metro bridge over Rusanovsky strait (designing).

Attraction bridge at Krestchatik street devoted to New 2000 Year with spiral stairs (designing).

Park pedestrian bridge (reconstruction).

Bridge over harbor the Dnieper river (econstruction).

Small bridge over Petrovskaya alley (reconstruction).

Above-ground pedestrian crossings at O. Telega street, Druzhba Narodov boulevard, P. Zaporozhets street (designing).

Television tower 380 m high (designing, reconstruction).

Illumination supports at Stadium of National sporting complex "Olympiysky" (designing).

Illumination supports at "Dynamo" Stadium named after V. Lobanovsky (designing).

Framework of Town New Year tree (designing).

Chimney at hotel "National".

Chimney of welding equipment research plant attached to E.O. Paton Institute of Electric Welding (designing).

Flagstaff, visor above entrance, stained-glass panels for Palace of pioneers and schoolchildren (designing).

Radio communication supports at Lysaya mountain 95 m and 40 m high (designing).

Communication support on the roof Ukrainian Government building (designing).

Publicity boards (advertisement posters) (designing).

Vehicular communication and special services aerials on buildings and installations (designing).

Metalwork of chimney-stacks 120 m high at "Khimvolokno" integrated plant (designing).

Tower on Stchekavitsa mountain (reconstruction, technical re-equipment).
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