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Labor Protection Department
Gunko V.  

Main Specialist of
the Department:

Gunko Vladimir,
tel.: +38-044-516-52-15
Labor Protection Department  

Labor Protection Department attached to OJSC "V. Shimanovsky Ukrainian Research and Design Institute of Steel Construction" was established in connection with the Law of Ukraine "On labor protection" for execution of legal, organizational, sanitary, socioeconomic and medical measures, aimed at accidents prevention as we, as professional diseases and emergencies during working process.

In conformity with article 15 of the Law of Ukraine "On labor protection" this Labor Protection Department in the Institute structure is referred to basic subdivisions and is governed by the Chairman of the Board directly.

The employees of the Department in performing their activity are guided with legislative and standard legal acts of Ukraine on labor protection, collective agreement and other normative documents in force at the Institute.

Labor Protection Department is in close cooperation with all structural subdivisions and specialists of the Institute and trade unions representatives, who deal with labor protection matters.

The specialists from Labor Protection Department may exercise the right to submit instructions to clear up the troubles addressed to subdivisions managers and obligatory for execution by them along with the right to suspend equipment in operation in the case of violations, creating dangerous situations workmen's life or health. They are able to require to debar from work any person, who didn't pass through training, instructions and examination as to knowledge of regulations or persons without permits to carry out particular work or those, who violate the rules of standard legal acts on labor protection.

The main trends of the activity

 Development and organizational activity for execution of long-term and current comprehensive preventive measures aimed at observance of the prescribed standards and increase of protection safety level as well as removal of hazardous and dangerous production factors. Performance of activity for prevention of accidents during working process as well as prevention of professional diseases and other threats to the Institute's employees lives and health.

 Organization of training and elementary or regular examination of employees' knowledge at work admittance and in the course of working activity, related with labor protection and fire safety matters. Carrying out of introductory instructions for all persons, who have been admitted to work at the Institute.

 Organization of attendance of industrial safety and labor protection center, preparation of information stands. Elaboration of thematic training programs and programs intended for testing of the Institute's employees on labor protection, fire safety and civil defense matters.

 Development of internal regulatory documents in force at the Institute related with labor protection, fire safety and civil defense matters. Rendering of methodical assistance to the Institute's subdivisions in development and modernization of instructions aimed at safety operation according to specialization and professions, their registration and presentation to the Institute's subdivisions.

 Carrying out of internal audit on labor safety, sanitary and current domestic conditions. Certification of working places as to compliance with standard legal acts on labor protection.

 Supervision of fulfillment of the Institute's employees the requirements of laws and other standard legal acts on labor protection, measures in the section "Labor Protection" in the collective agreement, including labor protection acts in force within the Institute premises.

 Development of proposals as supplements to section "Labor protection", expressed in the collective agreement.

 Organization of regular medical inspection of the Institute's specialists and employees, engaged in work with hazardous or dangerous conditions of work, set as well as persons younger than 21 years old.

 Investigation of accidents, professional diseases cases and emergencies connected with the Institute activity.

In order to carry out training and familiarization with instructions in compliance with regulatory documents the industrial safety, labor protection and civil defense center was founded and is in operation now
Educational room on a labour protection Stand of "Fire safety" Stand of the "Civil defensive"

More than 60 specialists from the Institute, who perform apparently dangerous work (at height and in closed spaces during examination of metalwork used for roof systems in buildings and structures) pass through special training and examination of knowledge every year on the basis of the training center mentioned above.

Besides computer program for training and knowledge testing of more than 30 instructions on specialization and professions in the center special stand is located under the slogan "One must know, able, assist, prevent, protect and save". There is available information, arranged on 18 stand illustrations. Among the topical themes there are the following:
 —legislation of Ukraine on labor protection, fire safety and civil defense;
 — requirements for work execution under high hazard;
 — electrical safety;
 — safety requirements with the use of office equipment;
 — actions under conditions of extraordinary situations and in the case of fire;
 — individual protection means;
 — urgent aid rendering in the event of accident.

The list of instructions related with labor protection under work execution in particularly hazardous conditions for specialists of OJSC "V. Shimanovsky Ukrainian Research and Design Institute of Steel Construction":

1. Instruction on labor protection for the Institute specialist under work execution in particularly hazardous conditions in the course of construction and metalwork investigation at height of industrial and civil enterprises, roofs of buildings, nuclear engineering facilities/ masts and other structures — instr1.pdf (in Ukr. lang.) (2,58 Mb)

2. Instruction on labor protection during work execution on closed spaces — instr2.pdf (in Ukr. lang.) (254 Kb)