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Administrative and managerial complex
Make-up of Complexes
Institute's Scientific Secretary Office
Integrated Personnel Department
Labor Protection Department
Scientific Secretary of the Institute Golodnov A.  

Scientific Secretary
of the Institute:

Golodnov Alexander,
Dc. Sc. (Eng),
Member of the Ukrainian
Academy of Construction,
Senior Scientific Worker,

tеl.: +38-044-543-98-46.

Key Engineer Trokhimets V.  

Key Engineer:
Trokhimets Valentina,
tel.: +38-044-501-87-79

Institute's Scientific Secretary Office  
This Office deals with:

 — preparation in coordination with the Institute's subdivisions the annual long-term Plan of subjects and problems to carry out the purpose-oriented programs;
 — rendering of scientific and methodical assistance for the Institute subdivisions in making justification of thematic trends, preparation of contracts, drawing up of tender and other documents connected with scheduling and execution of work;
 — assistance in organization of Scientific and Technical Council, elaboration of materials to be considered at the sessions of Scientific and Technical Council, carrying out the control over fulfillment of accepted decisions;
 — realization of scheduled research and development work with participation in other engineering efforts;
 — participation in organization and holding of Conferences, Seminars, Exhibitions, Symposiums;
 — elaboration and publication of annual reports of the Institute;
 — supervision of long-term Plan of subjects approved by the Institute's administration;
 — preparation and submission into High Attestation Commission a set of documents for giving the scientific rank of Senior Research Worker;
 — presentation for registration in Ukrainian Institute of Scientific, Technical and Economic Information some research and engineering efforts as well as rendering of assistance for detached subdivisions during compilation of registration and information cards;
 — progress control related with realization of long-term Plan of subjects to be performed by the Institute;
 — assurance of activity aimed at execution of work to be carried out in conformity with requirements of Standard ISO 9001:2000 "Quality Management System Requirements" and other documents dealing with quality management system.

The main trends in activities

 Planning, organization and fulfillment of research, development and other engineering efforts.
 Rendering of assistance for the Institute subdivisions in making contract documentation for new work.
 Quality assurance, reduction of work execution period and implementation of results obtained from activities in the course of realization process.