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Administrative and legal complex
Make-up of Complexes
Grechka I.  

Vice-Chairman of the Board
on administrative and
legal matters:

Grechka Ivan
State Counsellor of Justice of
the 3-rd rank,

Phone: +38-044-543-97-20

Zhurba O.  

Chief of Claims
and Complaints Department:

Zhurba Oksana
Phone: +38-044-516-52-86

Mikitenko Ye.  

Chief legal advisor in
contracts and legal
activities group:

Mikitenko Yelena
Phone: +38-044-516-52-86
The Department deals with legal activities aimed at correct application and the observance of Ukrainian Legislation requirements in force along with prevention of its violation by Administration of the Institute and its employees within period of their performing job and obligations.

The main trends in activities

 Organization and assurance of correct fulfillment of Legislative Acts, other regulatory documents, submission to Administration of the Institute some proposals aimed at solution of legal problems, which may arise during production, economical and social activity of the Institute.
 Carrying out control as to validity of acts, issued by managers of detached subdivisions with taking appropriate measures for abolition or alteration of acts in the case they violate Ukrainian Legislation.
 Checking as to conformity to Legislation the drafts of orders, instructions, provisions, and other deeds and documents, subjected to visa approval.
 Taking participation in preparation, drawing up and supervision over execution of economic treaties.
 Organization of amicable settlement of disputes, otherwise providing action at laws along with presentation of the Institute interests in arbitration and other bodies within period of consideration of legal matters and disputes.
 Taking participation in consideration of matters related with receivables and payables with offering methods for liquidation of such debts.
 Rendering of legal assistance to the Institute employees in the case of need.
 Providing legal consultation and making of conclusions and service information on legal matters.