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Design complex
Make-up of Complexes
High-rise intallations department
Department for integrated design and reconstruction of the manufacturer-plants
Department for bridges and special structures
Department for spatial structures
Sheet and plate construction department
Nuclear power engineering projects department
Department for examination, diagnostics and reconstruction
Department for complex design and civil engineering work technology
Technical Department
Testing laboratory for technical diagnostics
Cost Estimate Group
Gavrilova V.  

Department manager:
Victoria Gavrilova
Phone: +38-044-503-89-45

Technical Department  
Main tasks of the Department:

 — provision of the Institute's specialists with regulatory documents in force, reference, information and subscribing periodicals as well as project documentation for standard building structures;
 — execution of check and specifications supervision on technical documentation, rendering of methodical assistance for the Institute's specialists as to problems, related with implementation of regulatory documents requirements in the field of civil engineering;
 — acceptance, registration, systematization and keeping of project and scientific documentation at technical archives of the Institute;
 — planning, organization and coordination in activities of structural subdivisions of the Institute with the purpose to meet requirements of International Standard ISO 9001: organization and carrying out internal audits, execution of monitoring processes in the field of building metalwork, certification and supervisory audits;
 — submission of regular reporting documents for Central State Scientific Archives of Ukraine at regular intervals as well as for State Scientific Library of Ukraine, information data for Ministry of Regional Construction of Ukraine.
The main trends of the activity
Organization along with keeping of reference and information fund of the Institute, containing regulatory documents, periodicals, standard project documentation, scientific and reference data on paper and electronic information carriers.
Organization and keeping of technical archives attached to the Institute.
Check and specifications supervision on technical documentation, elaborated by structural subdivisions of the Institute.
Planning and realization of measures aimed at implementation, keep working and perfection of quality management system in conformity with requirements of International Standard ISO 9001.