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Design complex
Make-up of Complexes
High-rise intallations department
Department for integrated design and reconstruction of the manufacturer-plants
Department for bridges and special structures
Department for spatial structures
Sheet and plate construction department
Nuclear power engineering projects department
Department for examination, diagnostics and reconstruction
Department for complex design and civil engineering work technology
Technical Department
Testing laboratory for technical diagnostics
Cost Estimate Group
Strashko А.  

Testing laboratory

Andrey Strashko
Phone: +38-044-517-43-85

Testing laboratory for technical diagnostics  
Main trends in activities

Expert investigation (technical diagnostics), engineering supervision, non-destructive control of lifting devices, metalwork and building constructions.

Determination of methods and volume of researches, definition of regulatory standards and criteria for quality assessment of structural components, including mechanisms and machinery, other details.

Determination of conformity with accepted rules for technical conditions assessment, carrying out evaluation of indicators, which provide safe operation as well as definition of residual service life of the projects.
Elaborations of the laboratory
Analysis of welded joints used in National Palace of Arts of Ukraine in Kiev.
Analysis of welded joints used in Palace of Sport in Kiev.
Technical audit for erection of metalwork of tank yard №2 at project "Expansion of Complex for overloading and processing of tropical oils" in city Yuzhny, Odessa region.
Development of technology for making welding and engineering supervision during erection of the tank with capacity 20 thousand m3 at refinery terminal Odessa-Brody in city Yuzhny, Odessa region.