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Detached subdivisions complex
Make-up of Complexes
Poltava complex branch
Dnepropetrovslk complex branch
riupol complex branch
Kharkov complex branch
Lugansk complex branch
dessa complex branch
Donbass center of technological safety
Technological safety center attached to National University "Lvivska Polytechnica"
Representative office in Russian Federation (cityMoscow)
Representative office in Republic of Belarus (city Mogilev)
Shulman I.  

Igor Shulman
Phone: +38(056)789-33-09

Odnovolova S.  

Director Assistant,
Chief Accountant:

Svetlana Odnovolova
Phone: +38(056)790-03-63,

Lyubin .  

Technical director:
Alexander Lyubin
Phone: +38(056)790-03-61

Chernyavskaya N.  

Reception room:
Natalya Chernyavskaya
Phone: +38(056)238-60-78,
Fax: +38(056)238-60-78,

Postal address:
Pushkin Ave., 49
City Dnepropetrovsk
49000, Ukraine
Phone: +38(056)790-03-60,

Dnepropetrovsk Complex Branch  
The main trends of the activity
Design and assurance of safe operation of metalwork used in industrial buildings and structures.
Design process

 Elaboration of project documentation:
   — structures for blast furnaces complexes;
   — aerial and masts installations;
   — special purpose industrial buildings;
   — inplant bridges and viaducts;
   — exhaust, aspiration and other chimney stacks;
   — large diameter industrial gas pipelines;
   — conveyer transportation galleries;
   — basic stations for operators of mobile communication systems (comprehensive projects);
   — arrangement of operation and maintenance of bridge overpasses;
   — monitoring of buildings and structures technical condition.


 Comprehensive investigation, diagnostics, technical condition assessment and certification of industrial buildings and structures in operation, in particular:
   — blast furnace complex;
   — aerial and mast installations and chimney stacks;
   — transportation galleries;
   — bridge facilities;
   — multi-purpose industrial buildings.
 Development of technical solutions and design documentation with the purpose to eliminate defects and imperfections, revealed in the course of investigation.

Elaborations of the complex branch
Blast furnace  9 at OJSC "Arcelormittal Krivoj Rog" Hangar provided with membrane roof system in city Riga Suspended pipeline bridge overpass of ammonia line over the river Dnieper

Blast furnace 9 at OJSC "Arcelormittal Krivoj Rog".
Blast furnace 5 at OJSC "Zaporozhstal."
Blast furnace 4 at OJSC "Severstal" in city Cherepovets (Russia).
Hangar provided with membrane roof system in city Riga (Latvia).
Building for continuous casting of blooms department attached to Taganrog Metallurgical Plant (Russia).
Building for continuous casting of steel department attached to Metallurgical Plant named after Petrovsky.
Television and radio broadcasting towers along with aerials and mast installations.
Basic stations used in mobile communication systems for OJSC "Kyivstar J.S.M.".
Motor-road bridge over the river Volga in city Volgograd (Russia).
Suspended pipeline bridge overpass of ammonia line over the river Dnieper.
Building of electrically steel making plant.
Commercial auto service centers in Moscow (Russia).