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Detached subdivisions complex
Make-up of Complexes
Poltava complex branch
Dnepropetrovslk complex branch
riupol complex branch
Kharkov complex branch
Lugansk complex branch
dessa complex branch
Donbass center of technological safety
Technological safety center attached to National University "Lvivska Polytechnica"
Representative office in Russian Federation (cityMoscow)
Representative office in Republic of Belarus (city Mogilev)
Kirillov V.  

Valery Kirillov,
Associate Member
of the Ukrainian Academy
of Construction,


cheredko .  

Reception room:
rina cheredko
Phone: +38-0629-51-14-25

Belogurov V.  

Branch Chief

Victor Belogurov
Phone: +38-0629-51-14-39

Sosnovsky E.  

Chief Engineer

Evgenij Sosnovsky
Phone: +38-0629-51-14-31

Budurov .  

Chief of department
for designs
Intended for export:

leg Budurov
Phone: +38-0629-51-14-30

Bogutskaya Z.  

Department chief

Zinaida Bogutskaya
Phone: +38-0629-51-14-29;

Bashmanov .  

Chief Design

ichael Bashmanov
Phone: +38-0629-51-14-21

Stepchenko S.  

Sergei Stepchenko
Phone: +38-0629-51-14-21

Kharabuga .  

Chief of department for
design and reconstruction
of buildings and structures:

natoly Kharabuga
Phone: +38-0629-51-14-30

Goncharov I.  

Chief Designer:
Ivan Goncharov
Phone: +38-0629-51-14-30;

Vorobjev M.  

Chief Design

ichael Vorobjev
Phone: +38-0629-51-14-31


Post address:
Ukraine, 87547,
Donetsk district,
city. riupol,
. Libknecht str, 177
riupol complex branch  
The main trends of the activity

 Development of project documentation for construction, rehabilitation and technical re-equipment of projects related with blast furnace, steel melting and rolling production facilities, sintering plants, gas pipelines and industrial networks, masts, chimneys, gantry and traveling cranes, reloaders, transporter galleries, structures of cooling towers and other installations.
 Investigation and elaboration of technical documentation aimed at reinforcing or substitution of the structures of buildings and installations.
 Technical diagnostics of various types hoisting cranes.
 Execution of an examination of buildings and structures as well as project documentation regarding problem of compliance with conditions during their operating period.
 Design of buildings and structures.

Elaborations of the complex branch

It has been designed by the department more than one thousand and a half of projects used in many branches of national economy of Ukraine, SIC countries and other foreign lands. The most remarkable of them are the following:
 briquetting department at Avdeevka coke and by-product processing plant (Donetsk area);
 the Southern thermo-electric plant of senergo, city. scow (Russia);
 area 250, unit 60.142 of project 142, space drome Bykonur (Kazakhstan);
 coke and by-product processing department at Isfahan metallurgical works (Iran);
 reconstruction of blast furnaces at integrated iron-and-steel works "zovstal" and at integrated iron-and-steel works named after Ilych.