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Make-up of Complexes
Poltava complex branch
Dnepropetrovslk complex branch
riupol complex branch
Kharkov complex branch
Lugansk complex branch
dessa complex branch
Donbass center of technological safety
Technological safety center attached to National University "Lvivska Polytechnica"
Representative office in Russian Federation (cityMoscow)
Representative office in Republic of Belarus (city Mogilev)
Zveryala I.  

Chief of the branch:
Irina Zveryala
Phone: +38-0642-50-49-79
Fax: +38-0642-50-52-20,

levannaya .  

Branch Chief

tiana levannaya
Phone: +38-0642-50-52-20

Valuisky N.  

Chief Design

Nickolai Valuisky
Phone: +38-0642-50-52-20


Post Address:
Ukraine, 91033,
city Lugansk,
block Shevchenko, 19,
of. 42
Lugansk complex branch  
The main trends of the activity

Complex approach to design of buildings and structures, including sites, having complicated engineering and geological conditions.
Investigation of buildings and structures' technical conditions.
Designs aimed at reconstruction and overhaul of multi-purpose facilities.
Investigation and elaboration of technical documentation aimed at reinforcing or substitution of the structures of buildings and installations.
Certification and examination of the projects.

Elaborations of the complex branch

Investigation of slag storage basin at neutralization station 3 of Holding Company "Luganskteplovoz", city Lugansk.
Investigation and overhaul of gallery 7R NK GOK, city Krivoj Rog.
Investigation of roof system of spans for locomotive frame shop of Holding Company "Luganskteplovoz", city Lugansk.
Investigation of technical conditions of the steel structures of illumination masts LOKY FONS "vangard", city Lugansk.
Expansion of shop 3 design for "Interprokat" Company, city rasnodon.
Investigation of highway bridge over the river Lugan, city Lugansk.
Design of front side reconstruction of the building 7 at . rx str., city Lugansk.
Detail design of exhibition complex provided with fountains, city Lugansk.
Design for reconstruction of unfinished project (polyclinics) with conversion into residential house with service facilities, city Lugansk.