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Donbass center of technological safety
Technological safety center attached to National University "Lvivska Polytechnica"
Representative office in Russian Federation (cityMoscow)
Representative office in Republic of Belarus (city Mogilev)
Korolev V.  

Director of the Center:
Vladimir Korolev,
Member of the Ukrainian
Academy of Construction,
Dc. Sc. (Eng.), professor,
Phone: +38-062-333-24-61,

Tolstyakova .  

Reception room:
Oksana Tolstyakova
Phone: +38-062-348-24-55

Kolesnichenko S.  

Director Assistant
on science matters:

Sergei Kolesnichenko
Phone: +38-095 859-48-49

Chief Engineer:

Gibalenko .  

Alexander Gibalenko
Phone: +38-067 623-44-53

Galaktionov .  

Alexander Galaktionov
Phone: +38-063 248-55-40


Post address:
Ukraine, 86123,
Donetsk district,
city Makeevka,
Fontannaya str, 44
Donbass center of technological safety,
city Makeevka
The main trends of the activity

The regulation and technological safety control, creation and perfection of monitoring system as well as diagnostics of technical conditions of the buildings and structures.
Execution of research work and implementation of scientific concepts into the field of durability of the metalwork under conditions of corrosive medium.
Analysis and experimental evaluation of corrosion resistance indicators and durability of protective coatings of the building structures taking into consideration the corrosive factor in the process of operation of the buildings and installations, performance of accelerated tests of anticorrosive coatings according to requirements given in National and International Standards.
Elaboration of project documentation for reconstruction and overhaul of buildings and structures (including bridges), pipe-line transport for all branches of the industry.
Engineering investigation and technical conditions assessment of the building structures and other facilities used in construction as well as pipe-line transport, technical equipment including cranes and other hoisting machinery and equipment, development of documentation for repair and rehabilitation.
Certification of buildings and structures.
Design and exploring work during highly-skilled investigation (technical diagnostics) for determination of residual resources of building metalwork under the action of corrosive medium.
Development of vocational competence and professional training of specialists and experts, whose activity is connected with technical conditions assessment along with elaboration of technical documentation for repair, reinforcing and reconstruction of buildings and structures and high risky projects.

Elaborations of the complex branch

"Donetskstal", city Donetsk.
inimetallurgical works "Istil", city Donetsk.
"Electrostal" Company.
"lchevsk iron-and-steel works" Company.
"Donetskcoks" Company.
"vkoks", city v.
"Yasinovataya coke and by-products processing plant", city v.
"v metalwork manufacturer plant", city v.
"Cnstructsiya" Company, city Donetsk.
"Donbasstransgaz" Company.
"Ukrtransgaz" Company attached to National Corporation "Neftegaz Ukrainy".
"Donetskugol" Company.
"Coal extracting Company "Shakhta" rasnoarmeiskaya Zapadnaya 1".
"Donetskcement" Company.
"Donetslspetsresurs" Company.
"The First Ukrainian International Bank".
"Rodovid Bank".
Donetsk National Technical University and others.