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Detached subdivisions complex
Make-up of Complexes
Poltava complex branch
Dnepropetrovslk complex branch
riupol complex branch
Kharkov complex branch
Lugansk complex branch
dessa complex branch
Donbass center of technological safety
Technological safety center attached to National University "Lvivska Polytechnica"
Representative office in Russian Federation (cityMoscow)
Representative office in Republic of Belarus (city Mogilev)
Volkov I.  


Ivan Volkov,
Representative office in Republic of Belarus, city Mogilev
The main trends of the activity

Representation of interests of OJSC "V. Shimanovsky UkrRDIsteelconstruction" Institute and assurance of its operating performance.
Search of the Customers.
Handling negotiations.
Receipt, preparation and presentation of documents, required for participation at tenders.