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Donbass center of technological safety
Technological safety center attached to National University "Lvivska Polytechnica"
Representative office in Russian Federation (cityMoscow)
Representative office in Republic of Belarus (city Mogilev)
Gogol .  

Director of the Center:
Myron Gogol
Phone: +38-0322-58-25-41;
Fax: +38-0322-58-23-61,

Director Assistant
on Scientific Problems:

Michael Bilsky,
tel.: +38-0322-64-07-18

Director Assistant:
Ivan Ivanykh,
tel.: +38-050-585-97-40

Chief Engineer:
Ivan Peleshko,
tel.: +38-098-415-75-17

Chief Engineer:

Yaroslav Kotsiy,
tel.: +38-067-582-61-19

Chief Designer:
Igor Ivaneiko,
tel.: +38-067-672-15-43

Post address:
Ukraine, 79013,
city Lvov,
Karpinsky str. 6, of. 414
Technological safety center attached to National University
"Lvivska Polytechnica"
The main trends of the activity

Development and implementation of combined constructions made of metal, steel and reinforced concrete with regulation of forces.
Investigation and technical condition assessment of building structures and other projects in the field of civil engineering, elaboration of design documentation for their repair, reconstruction and reinforcement.
Development, implementation and scientific supervision with the purpose to provide reliability and safe operation of buildings and installations.
Development and perfection of monitoring systems including diagnostics of technical condition of building structures with the aim to extend their operational service life.
Execution of research work and implementation of scientific developments in the sphere of environmentally pure decorative materials.
Development of technological and organizational components for building projects (construction organization plan), work execution schedule.
Elaboration of methods and modern software for optimal design of bar-type metalwork.
Elaboration of methods aimed at reinforcing of reinforced concrete structures with the use of carbon strips.
Elaboration and implementation of pre-assembled reinforced concrete slabs on elastic foundation.
Investigation of structures, buildings and regions in order to evaluate electrically magnetic and radiation effects.

Elaborations of the complex branch

Design of floor structures and roof systems made of metal with the use of combined systems of beam-truss type at Joint-Stock Company "Lvovelectromontazh", 2005; Mechanical plant, city Lvov, Business Center "Lemberg", city Lvov, 2007.
Reinforcing of metalwork with regulation of forces, Company "Alba", 2006; administrative building framework.
Development of statically indefinable structures for roof system made of metal (city Truskavets, sanatorium "Zheneva").
Optimal design of bar-type structures made of metal having arbitrary criteria with the aid of OptCAD program (elaboration presented by National University "Lvivska Polytechnica".
Reinforcing of reinforced concrete structures with the use of carbon composite strip:
   — reinforced concrete floor systems (city Malin, Paper mill; city Lvov, hotel "Dnestr");
   — reinforced concrete bridge beams (village Vygoda, Ivano-Frankovsk region);
   — reinforced concrete structures for swimming pool (city Truskavets, hotel "Riksos").
Development of chute and reinforced concrete slab provided with device for tram rail fastening P-60 at curvilinear portions, taking into consideration loads due to trams and cars traffic, city Lvov.
Elaboration of rational reinforced concrete slabs lay-out under tram tracks in order to reduce noise level (with the aid of special program for PC (elaboration presented by National University "Lvivska Polytechnica").
Development of technical conditions for production of environmentally pure decorative materials.
Commissioning of two plants for production of decorative materials was carried out.