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Detached subdivisions complex
Make-up of Complexes
Poltava complex branch
Dnepropetrovslk complex branch
riupol complex branch
Kharkov complex branch
Lugansk complex branch
dessa complex branch
Donbass center of technological safety
Technological safety center attached to National University "Lvivska Polytechnica"
Representative office in Russian Federation (cityMoscow)
Representative office in Republic of Belarus (city Mogilev)
Bozhko V.  

Valery Bozhko,
Member of the Ukrainian
Academy of Construction,
Senior Scientific Worker,
Cand. Sc. (Eng.)

Phone: +38-0532-56-07-50,
Fax: +38-0532-50-99-21

Kobzeva V.  

Chief accountant:
Valentina Kobzeva
Phone: +38-0532-61-08-65,

Inzyk .  

Assistant Director:
Anatoly Inzyk
Phone: +38-0532-22-98-99

Chief Design

Varich Ya.  

Yaroslav Varich
Phone: +38-0532-56-34-83

Kravets V.  

Vyacheslav Kravets
Phone: +38-0532-22-98-99

Post address:
Ukraine, 36014,
city Poltava,
Pushkin str, 119.
Poltava complex branch  
The main trends of the activity

Design of the metalwork for industrial and civil buildings and structures as well.
Development and introduction into construction practice the enlightened roof systems of load-carrying steel structures.
Visual and instrument-aided examination, technical conditions assessment, checking calculations and recommendations intended for further operation of buildings and structures.
Elaboration of projects aimed at reconstruction and reinforcing of the existing buildings and structures.
Design of supports for radio and television broadcasting systems and links.
Arrangement of platforms for radio and television systems maintenance on the existing supports.
Preparation of certificates related with technical condition of multi-purpose buildings and structures.
The authorized supervision over implementation of design concepts.

Elaborations of the complex branch
Patent for tubular tower Patent for useful model Certificate-Autodesk Model of mobile communication tower(from 27 up to 47 meters is designed with the use of seftware Autodesk

Metallurgical works "Svobodny sokol", city Lipetsk (Russia).
Facilities, attached to metallurgical works named after Jose Marti, (Cuba).
Facilities of iron-and-steel works "Zhelezara Zenitsa" (Yugoslavia) and Ajaokuta (Nigeria).
Hydraulic presses manufacturer plant, city Nelivovo (Russia).
Heavy-duty mechanical presses manufacturer plant, city Voronezh (Russia).
Nickolayev steel structures manufacturer plant.
Orel mining and concentrating integrated works, city Novoorlovsk (Russia).
bilisi plant "Tsentrolit" (Georgio).
Lisogorsk crushing and grading plant (Russia).
Lipetsk plant "Tsentrolit".
Tsisin coal preparation plant (the People's Republic of China).
Leninakan press-forging plant (Armenia).