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Address of the Institute:
Osvoboditelei Avenue, 1,
Kiev-02, GSP-660,
Ukraine, 0266O.

OJSC "V. Shimanovsky

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Reconstruction of buildings and structures
The Institute performs an examination of the projects and technical condition assessment of metalwork in operation for the whole range of industrial buildings, structures and hoisting-and-conveying machines.

A considerable experience has been accumulated at the Institute related with reconstruction of industrial and civil purpose projects provided with load-carrying structures. The reconstruction methods elaborated by the Institute's specialists such as modernization of buildings and structures without stopping of production process by complete use of the principle of design diagram alterations have been efficiently applied in reconstruction of some the most important national-economic projects.

According to the Institute's designs the radial-and-drilling machine plant in Odessa, the Vitebsk TV-Center tower, Krasnoyarsk Thermal Power Station, National Opera and Ballet House named after T.G. Shevchenko in Kiev and others were reconstructed. The designs for rehabilitation of E. Paton and Park bridges were elaborated also.

With participation of the Institute's experts, an examination and design of load-carrying structures of "The Shelter" facility of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was done. A computational analysis was performed and the design for reinforcement of the vent stack was developed.

Aside from execution of work for design of new projects the Institute performs examination of projects elaborated for other organizations and carries out measurements and investigation of the existing metalwork along with their technical condition assessment, providing recomendations for their reinforcing. Elaboration of designs connected with reconstruction of existing buildings and installations, as well as work aimed at new projects development is at the edge of this trend in the Institute's activity.

Numerous buildings and multi-purpose structures have been reconstructed according to the Institute's designs.

Reconstruction of Odessa Opera and Ballet House, city Odessa Reconstruction of National Philharmonic Society building, city Kiev Reconstruction of the hotel and office complex "Teatralny", city Kiev
Reconstruction and expansion of pavilion 12 at the National complex "Exhibition Center of Ukraine", city Kiev Reconstruction of National Opera and Ballet House named after T. Shevchenko, city Kiev Reconstruction of the "Ukrpatent" building, city Kiev