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Development of Codes and Standards in the field of construction metal engineering
Since 1983 the Institute is a basic organization dealing with rate setting and standardization by the group of steel and aluminium constructions.

In recent years with the participation of the Institute's specialists 24 regulatory and methodical documents have been issued.

The basic developments

State Building Codes of Ukraine (DBN 362-92). The Steelwork technical condition assesment of industrial buildings and structures under operation.

State Building Codes of Ukraine (DBN B.1,2-1-95). Provisions on investigation of emergencies reasons (collapse) of buildings, structures , their parts and structural elements.

State Standard of Ukraine (DSTU B.2.6-10-96}. The steel building constructions. Test methods with load application.

State Building Codes of Ukraine (DBN B.3.1-1-2002). Repair and reinforcing of load-carrying enclosing building constructions and foundations for industrial buildings and structures.

State Building Codes of Ukraine (DBN .1.2-2:2006). Loads and Influences. Standards for Design.

State Standard of Ukraine (DSTU  .1.2-3:2006). Deflections and Displacements. Design Requirements.

DBN B.1-2-1-95 DSTU B.2.10-96 DBN B.3.1-1-2002 DBN .1.2-2:2006 DSTU  .1.2-3:2006
The DBN draft is projected for development:

DBN "The general principles for reliability and safety assurance system used in building projects, installations, construction structures and foundations" (instead of  /USSR Standard/ 27751-88).
In the process of development:

DBN "The aluminium structures. Standards for Design" (instead of  2.03.06-85).
Prepared in the first wording:

State Standard of Ukraine "Working drawings of metalwork".

Information for all specialists who engaged in the field of construction metal engineering

"The first wording of DBN "The steelwork" was prepared, which will substitute -23-81* / USSR Building Rules and Regulations / concerning to steel structures design -18-75 on steelwork fabrication and
3.03.01-87 on erection.
1. DBN "The steelwork. Standards for Design and Erection":

   (dbn_steel_in rus.doc, 12,4 b);
   (dbn_steel_in rus.pdf, 3 830 b);

2. Explanatory notes:

   (dbn_poiasnit.doc, 200 Kb).
Your opinion, proposals and useful contributions on the draft of Standards please submit to the following address:icbmc@urdisc.com.ua

It would be very kind of you to indicate the sender's address.

We hope on fruitful cooperation.