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Address of the Institute:
Osvoboditelei Avenue, 1,
Kiev-02, GSP-660,
Ukraine, 0266O.

OJSC "V. Shimanovsky

Tel.: +38-044-543-93-87.
Fax: +38-044-543-97-69,


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Department for integrated design and reconstruction of the manufacturer-plants
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Experimental and Production Base in city Brovary
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Mariupol Complex Branch
Kharkov Complex Branch
Lugansk Complex Branch
Odessa Complex Branch
Donbass Center of Technological Safety, city Makeevka
Center of Technological Safety attached to National University "Lvovska Polytechnica", city Lvov
Representative Office in Russian Federation, city Moscow
Representative Office in Republic of Belarus, city Mogilev
Administrative and legal complex
Complex for Maintenance and Development
Maintenance and Development department
Technical documentation release department
Borispol Complex Branch
Holiday hotel "Pivdenny", city Skadovsk
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