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Scientific researches in the field of steel engineering
The institute is a leading research institution in the field of steel engineering. Among the research organizations according to State Certifying Commission the Institute comes under the heading of institutions, which may determine and influence on State policy in science and technology.

The problem of complete automation of design works and research activities is solved successfully. Development and application of modern computation complexes enables the Institute's specialists to perform an analysis of the projects of any complexity and to carry out extraordinary researches, regarding statics of the structures, dynamic effects, reliability under live loads, elastically plastic behavior of the material, optimal designing, non-linear guyed systems, unification and standardization of the members, development of range of products and so on.
All engineers of the Institute are equipped with modern PCs that allow to automate efficiently the design, calculation and graphic operations and other fields of the Institute's activities. At the same time not only the program complexes, which were developed by our specialists, such as: OSKAR, PARSEK, SUDM, CETI, PROMET, are used, but other widely known design and design-computational complexes, such as ACAD (AUTOCAD), ARCHICAD, SCAD, LIRA, ROBOBAT and others are applied as well.

Non-linear deformation of the Green Theatre suspended roof system under research
The principal directions of scientific research activities

The researches done in the field of metal engineering are at a high scientific level and have a wide-scale topicality:

assurance of reliability and safety of operation of structures;
prediction and determination of development directions of steel structures;
development and experimental research of new types of metalwork for priority trends of science and technology;
development of methods for reinforcement of the structural metalwork;
development of rolled-products ranges, welded structures and sections;
development and improvement of analytic methods for steelwork used in buildings and installations and creation of CAD systems on their basis;
elaboration of information systems and data bases.

The research of stress-and-strain state of twenty storey residential building The research of stress-and-strain state of twenty storey residential building
Regarding problems of NPP of Ukraine under operation and construction:

development of programs dealing with technical condition assessment and reassignment of service life of building constructions concerning NPP: foundations, walls and floors at reactor department, reactor shaft, cooling pond with all structures and members, including rack systems;
development of programs dealing with technical condition assessment and reassignment of service life of public-purpose buildings, containing systems of primary importance for safety.

Scientific schools

Scientific schools acknowledged both in Ukraine and abroad have been created in the Institute within existence period and in course of work. Here are examples:

theory of analysis and design of linearly extended and large-span spatial structural constructions;
optimization and automation of analysis and design of spatial constructions, buildings and structures;
theory of structural reliability;
theory of high-rise installations design and analysis;
shape-formation of constructions.

The research of stress-and-strain state of silo under operational loading The research of stress-and-strain state of vertical cylindrical tank with taking into consideration defects and damages
The development of modern computer-aided complexes makes it possible to carry out calculations for projects of any complexity and to conduct unique researches regarding statics and dynamics of structures, reliability under live loads, elasto-plastic behavior of materials, optimal design of non-linear tethered systems, unification of elements, development of range of products.
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